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Email a synopsis of 1,000 words or less with a cover letter telling us about yourself to Book Submissions. 

No paper submissions please. Below is a summary of what we are seeking to publish.


Attach the synopsis to your email in either Word document, or as a PDF. A good synopsis is how we base the majority of our decisions to see more from an author about their book. 'How to Write a Synopsis' is near the bottom of this page if you need a refresher.

Response time on submissions and queries for books is usually 2 – 4 weeks.  We attempt to respond in a timely fashion, but if you didn't get a response, type 'Verify Book Submission' in the subject line of an email and send your request to the Book Submissions link shown above.

No paper submissions are accepted.  

What we are searching for in a Full-Length Book:

·         Solid Fiction

·         Stories of Survival

·         Stories that Tug at Your Heart 

·         Crime Fiction

·         Political Themes



Editors know if a story works, and need it concisely. Authors often confuse a 'blurb' with a synopsis. A blurb is text that the publisher may use to sell the book, and often found at a publisher's website, or on the jacket sleeve jacket of the book. It leaves a bit of mystery, and tries to build some excitement.

THIS IS NOT A SYNOPSIS. A good synopsis will be 1,000 words or less, outlining the premise of the book, the plot from start to finish, describing the main characters and their motivations.

Some writers have the mistaken impression editors will steal their ideas, so they don't want to give away the ending. Instead of laying out the book, they try to lead the editor along with inexplicable and ambiguous statements. This is the sign of an amateur, and a sure road to rejection.

Writing a good synopsis is tough.
The entire book must be reduced to less than a thousand words. The synopsis should be edited several times before it's ready for submission. A good synopsis will save time for both us and the author, increase the possibility of acceptance, and generate a quicker response from us. A good synopsis will show an editor you are serious about writing.


Payments and Royalties


Payment to authors is through a pre-negotiated contract.  The usual terms pay authors a 25% royalty of the gross sales in both the paperback and digital versions. A hardback edition may be offered if sales are strong. NO upfront fee is charged an author. Books are marketed mainstream through Amazon, brick and mortar bookstores, and other outlets with a 90-day-sale-or-return policy, and released wholesale at the standard 55% trade discount.

All books appear on the Ingram Advance Notice Annotation List.

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