We publish mainstream fiction and political commentary, but will consider motivational and self-help books. Our affinity is for manuscripts that inspire, inform, entertain or provoke thought, and publish manuscripts of high professional quality. It is not necessary for an author to have an agent or publishing history to submit a manuscript to us.

Sorry, we do not publish science fiction, fantasy or romance novels.

Please submit the following information via email, and in the subject line enter submissions: your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, author bio, story synopsis, and the first three chapters (if you believe we need to see more to get a better idea of your story, you are welcome to submit additional chapters).

All materials will be recycled, not returned.

We appreciate the many queries submitted. As a small, independent publisher, we accept a limited number for publication. In making our decisions we review many angles including the quality of the manuscript, the marketability of the book, the willingness of the author to be an active participant in book promotion, and our ability to properly support it within the context of our target markets.

You will hear from us within two to four weeks about publishing your story.  

Please do not give up. Your manuscript may be welcomed by another publisher. Do not submit inquiries or request status updates about a submission. When we decide to review your entire manuscript, we will contact you via email and provide detailed instructions.

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